Letters To The Future
Letters To The Future
was recorded over six months in multiple locations and includes thirteen top musicians. There were no rehearsals or specific instructions given to the musicians. Instead they were each given basic acoustic demos and asked to create their own parts. The result is an inspired, vibrant, genre defying twelve track album and an acoustic five track E.P simply titled ‘P.S.’.

1. In Your Town
2. Cool In Your Cardigan
3. Reaction
4. Make Your Own Light
5. Don’t Bring Me Down
6. Monday
7. Mind Pilot
8. Everything Will Be Okay
9. Roll With The Punches
10. No Time Like The Present
11. Give Me A Light
12. You Don’t Find Me Funny Anymore

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1. Fell Out Of The Sky
2. Head On Straight
3. Ringing Bell
4. Spring Clean
5. Turn Around

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Say What You Mean
In 2009 the DANNY McCRUM BAND released their second album Say What You Mean. The album has the strong melodic, groove sensibilities the band is known for, but is heavier with more attitude and is closer to their live sound from that period. It was produced by Danny McCrum, Glen Child and Dave Holmes and was released through Liberation Music NZ.

1. One people
2. In my corner
3. Cold outside
4. All of you
5. I got a question
6. Over now
7. After the world
8. Mosquito
9. What do you know?
10. Phone call to the living
11. Harrison

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Awake & Restless
This is the Danny McCrum Band's first full album, produced by award winning producer Peter van Gent. The album is upbeat and gritty, with catchy and thought provoking songs that echo the frustrations and attitudes of many young adults today.

1. Put it in the middle
2. Stuck in traffic
3. Got to leave soon
4. What's wrong with trying to live right?
5. Lady
6. Complicated
7. Awake & Restless
8. Sideways
9. Where I want to be
10. Drive me away
11. When I met you
12. Roll on

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